Friday, 4 March 2011

"Art Can Be Anything"?

The quest for originality within fashion is more competetive then arguably...ever.

Coming from a small town in South Devon i can wear anything slightly kookie from Topshop and get looks in the street, and god forbid you wear lipstick in the day especially any colour other than red. However, now living in London (and studying at an art uni) the diverse fashion styles and hard to keep up with. Shopping on the high street is risky incase someone has the same clothes as you, vintage has in my opion become fraud as really any vintage that isn't from a charity shop, has been taken from a charity shop and been disgustingly over priced.
Nathan Barley is a great example of how originality has gone too far and well, people just look like dickheads. Shoreditch dickheads? Lady Ga Ga is also a good example of how people are progressing into a fashion movement of 'Fashion can be anything'. Meat dress? Really? (Can't say i'm not a fan though...)

(Just incase you havn't seen it!)

Recently on my course we've learnt about subcultures and countercultures. How music can influence fashion and how political movements/social movements interlink with it all. So in this generation is it art that is influencing our fashion? Take a walk into the Tate Modern and it soon crosses your mind- "do these people think art can be anthything?" Duchamps Fountain 1917 was arguably the start of conceptual art and part of the genre 'Readymades' where inanimate objects were signed and put forward as art.

I've been wondering if the modern art attitude of 'art can be anything' and conceptual art being predominent in the industry, has influenced today's fashion and in the quest for originality people are turning 'anything' into fashion.

(See Nathan Barley for flip-flops as headwear...mental.)

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