Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Material World

As much as i am for technology, there are aspects of it that i reject.

iPads. Fundamentally they are larger iPhones which seems silly but what i really have an issue with is books on iPads (or anything else techno..logic?). WHY?!

I have always loved books, yep, and i know others do too. In my first house in Amsterdam we practically had a library, even now in my home we have a fire place but with bookshelves in it. I love the smell of a new (or old) book. Finding a book in an old book/charity shop that's signed and dated from the 40s! And carrying a book around with me for weeks as i read it on the bus, train, in coffee shops and its mine. Why anyone would want to effectively begin the extinction of books is beyond me and actually sort of frightens me. Hypothetically, imagine a world without books where everyone just reads on their electronic devices and downloads a book 'app' for the same price it costs to buy one in the shops.

Okay, okay, so are we saving trees by eventually publishing less books? Will it even make a difference?

Although i appreciate (and almost need) the internet- laptops, my phone, iPods etc etc i think there is a limit where we could potentially just start living through technology and closing our eyes to the 'real world'.

I like to think, actually, believe- that as humans we are too nostalgic to allow a world like this. It doesn't make us old fashioned or traditional, it's just accepting a balance.

I for one will never download a book...

Currently reading Tracey Emin "Strangeland"- so far disturbed, moved, enlightened and addicted to the way she writes.

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