Friday, 27 May 2011

'To whom this may concern...'


Students, ‘artists’, anyone who likes to get creative:

We are a group of curation students from CSM hoping to present a body of artwork at 198 Gallery, Brixton.

Our stimulus for the project is “Master of Reality” so we are focusing on the idea that ‘you’ are your own master of your reality. The theme we will explore within the exhibition is ‘a sense of belonging, identity and how this constitutes to your reality’.

We are interested in students/artists of any position whether in education or not. We would like to exhibit any medium of art but particularly film/video and photography.

For further information or questions or ANYTHING contact (me) at:

This is the poster, flyer, informational thing i'll be putting up around but for now i'm posting on my lovely blog so the world wide web can read it. Contact me if you're interested!!

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