Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Confession. I have 'apps'.

A strong believer in human interaction instead of staring at a screen, real books instead of 'fake' books, and using your brain instead of a stupid machine whatever mechanical bla you wanna call it (phone or whatever...) having mentioned it in my first post; I have now got what my brother called a 'smart' phone with apps and facebook and internet and the possibility of a kindle........................

So my old Sony Ericson S500i with minimal extras broke (accident occured during a night of 'rolling' which Pat from We Can Be Heroes would be proud of) and i had to get a new one. Well for the same price i was paying before i could get an "android" phone so i thought why not. But i promised myself..."do not get too absorbed in the phone, there are other things in life."

And what have I done for the last day? Sit on my phone, downloading apps and going on facebook!! It's addictive!!

However!! Sitting in the car and instead of looking out the window i'm looking at my phone, sat with friends and instead of chatting i'm looking at my phone, its a spiralling circle into phone reliance and forgettance of real world. Maybe i'll 'accidentally' break it. Too far?
As long as i dont download the kindle I know i'm still in touch with material things...


Pat. Rolling.

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