Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2014

What is the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize?

"Since being established in 1996, each year the Prize has celebrated the best in photography, whether a publication or exhibition. It is one of the largest art prizes in the UK, proving a pivotal point in many photographers’ careers."

Out of the four winners, two stood out to me particularly: one that I loved, and another that I really disliked...

Like: Richard Mosse, The Enclave 2013
I first saw this piece of work at the Venice Biennale 2013 show cased in the Irish Pavillion. Stunning pieces of photographic work, totally original and not lacking in content. Mosse has photographed and challenged perceptions of war throughout his career. He uses infrared colour film which as explained in the exhibition was previously used by the military to identify camouflaged targets by revealing infrared light reflected from green foliage in bright shades of pink. Mosse has used something that allowed the military to effectively destroy something [a target] to produce gentle and peaceful images of soldiers at war. In a way, this undermines the process providing a critique on violence in war.
Below is my favourite image in the collection:

Dislike: Alberto Garcia- Alix, Retrospective
Almost in opposition to Mosse's work, Garcia's is unoriginal and therefore very obvious. The collection spans over 40 years of self portraits by the artist and a video of photographic stills narrated by his own poetry.
Some of the images include pornography, nudity, crying and a very messy kitchen. It feels as though the images are trying to shock, trying to be controversial but sadly just seeming pretentious. Among some of the great photographers who produced similar work such as Corrine Day and Nan Goldin, Garcia's images don't stand a chance. It's been done before- which naturally is hard to avoid in creative industries, however, not all recycled concepts are lacking, they just need to offer a slightly different perspective- a tiny abstraction. The only difference about Garcia's work is that it is about him which quite frankly did not hold my interest.
Below is the strongest image in the collection entitled "My Feminine Side, 2001". Really?

The exhibition is currently in at The Photographer's Gallery until June 22nd.

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