Tuesday, 24 June 2014

They can't find a good word for you, but I can…TWAT

John Cooper Clarke is an absolute legend.

Already knowing who he was but little about the poet, I watched a great BBC Four (obvs) documentary which laid bare his influence and position in performance, poetry and Punk.

At the moment i'm reading his collection of poems entitled "Ten Years in an Open Necked Shirt" and have fallen in love with this love poem:

I Wanna Be Yours 
John Cooper Clarke 

let me be your vacuum cleaner 
breathing in your dust 
let me be your ford cortina 
i will never rust 
if you like your coffee hot 
let me be your coffee pot 
you call the shots 
i wanna be yours 

let me be your raincoat 
for those frequent rainy days 
let me be your dreamboat 
when you wanna sail away 
let me be your teddy bear 
take me with you anywhere 
i don’t care 
i wanna be yours 

let me be your electric meter 
i will not run out 
let me be the electric heater 
you get cold without 
let me be your setting lotion 
hold your hair with deep devotion 
deep as the deep atlantic ocean 
that’s how deep is my emotion 
deep deep deep deep de deep deep 
i don’t wanna be hers 
i wanna be yours

Desperately Romantic, I can hear Cooper Clarke saying the words as I read them. However, not all his poetry is within this theme. And for days where I hate everything and feel angry (which is becoming increasingly often thanks to my job in retail) this poem is seemingly relevant and satisfyingly horrible. Enjoy.

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