Thursday, 7 August 2014

Rosaline Shahnavaz

Diaristic photography has been popular since photography itself was invented. Intimate portraits of friends and family classed as diaristic were pioneered by photographers such as Corrine Day and Wolfgang Tillmans in the early-mid 90s. It is a style that i find so many young, emerging photographers warming to. Even if their work is predominantly commercial, there is often a body of work that is diaristic - their 'visual diary'.

What makes the photographer so drawn to this style? Or more importantly, after years of reproductive works, what makes the viewer so continually open to and fond of a photographers diary?

Photographer Rosaline Shahnavaz has just graduated from BA Photography at London College of Communication. She has a vast body of work including commercial, editorial and fashion. However, it's her diaristic images and intimate portraits that continually capture me.

Photography has the ability to highlight aspects of ones mundane life and present them as something beautiful, something that the viewer can also relate to. Images that fill the gaps of the Facebook photographs where everyone's always doing something and having a great time. Rosaline captures these moments in her work and presents little bits of intimacy between herself, her partner and her friends. One aspect of her work that I really enjoy is the self-portraits (inc. one below). Self-portraits show a close relationship with the photographer and the camera, the result allows the viewer to see the photographer essentially through their own eyes, but also in a private manner.

We expect the truth from photography, and when the photographer endorses this, it is a comfort to the viewer.

Below are just a few images of Rosaline's that I have selected. To see her tumblr click here and for her website just here

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